Engaging Stakeholders to Create Sustainable Societies 

Welcome to "RLF Collaborative"! 

I am extremely grateful for a 30-year career that has provided me with the opportunity to work with wonderful people on projects and programs that have made a difference in the lives of many. It is these experiences that have led me to the creation of "RLF Collaborative, LLC".

Whether it be a real estate development project, a new program initiative, a community development plan, an organizational strategic plan, teaching graduate students or raising children; what I have most often witnessed is that the journey of the individuals involved is what really matters. When people have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and to collaboratively learn from others there is a sense of ownership and belonging that leads to lasting personal transformation.

When I decided to start up this practice, it became evident that my technical knowledge should be secondary to my ability to help others "connect the dots". Thus, my role as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, strategist and process planner are the primary skills that I bring to RLF Collaborative. I offer my clients these skills combined with my working knowledge of leading and implementing real programs and projects, and an entrepreneurial approach with a "can do" attitude that has identified and drove new markets and ideas forward in many challenging situations.

While skills and knowledge are critical they can only succeed with a working relationship and in a learning environment that is open, honest and collaborative. Adherence to the core value of integrity is what I expect of both my clients and myself. 

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